Shot Blasting

short blasting

Shot Blasting Facility at Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd.

At Emerson, we aim to offer all the services right from die manufacturing to machining in-house for better customer experience, affordable & accurate products, and services. Hence, along with the die manufacturing, heat treatment, and in-house machining facilities, we have adapted one of the best surface cleaning technology, i.e., “Shot blasting,” for polishing the forgings to ensure that they are ready for machining.

Shot Blasting Process in Forging at Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd.

The step-wise process of shot blasting at Emerson

We follow an elaborate yet simple procedure for shot blasting of the forgings. There are different units of our shot blasting machinery specific to all the steps of the technique:

Abrasive arrangement

We have single as well as multiple abrasive turbine arrangement systems in our shot blasting machinery. The arrangements are decided based on the size, shape, and quantity of the forgings.

Recovery of abrasive

We reuse the abrasives after a thorough cleaning process that includes the removal of oxide and dirt deposits.

Dust Management

Our shot blasting machinery has a separate chamber for collecting the dust, i.e., the Dust Collector. This dust is further directed to a larger unit that is responsible for its disposal.

The critical points of shot blasting

Our team of highly qualified engineering experts works for managing the entire shot blasting process. They design the critical points of the process, keeping the material, and forging requirements in mind. Here is how they manage these points to get the precise output:

Selection of abrasive material:

Usually, we prefer steel as an abrasive. Our engineers choose different grades and sizes of steel to ensure better polishing of the forgings.

Speed of the shot (abrasive):

The speed of the shot or abrasive decides the extent of the cleaning and polishing of the forging surface. We maintain a 65-110m/second speed so that the surfaces get rid of the dirt and debris with no damage to the forging body.

Dust capturing and disposal:

Our technical team actively analyzes the dust collection and disposal systems to ensure that the dust collected is disposed of safely, and it does not move back to the shot blasting units.


The final outcomes

Shot blasting is a small yet extremely important process that is responsible for eradicating the scars and damage caused to the surface due to the previous treatments. Our highly controlled process’s final outcome is well cleaned and polished forgings that are ready for machining.

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