Environmental Care As Social service

As one gets success in life, it becomes his responsibility to work towards the welfare of the society in which he lives and towards his surrounding environment. So in this regard we believe that everyone should make a spontaneous effort for the environment conservation, welfare of orphans, distribution of food to the destitute, education of poor children, distribution of clothes and food amongst poor. These all we consider to be our moral duties and we aim to associate with likeminded people who have a higher purpose in life.

We as a team Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd. also think that active participation in the mitigation work in the times of natural calamities and in works of the disaster management such as during floods, hurricanes or pandemics (Covid) are our natural responsibilities given to us by the Supreme.

Now the question arises how do we plan to execute these huge and mammoth tasks? Well this is our plan lay out-

We strong believe that we can attack directly on the root cause of all these social and environmental issues by carrying out conservation activities to prevent degradation of environment. Therefore we are making an effort of carrying out a Plantation drive program on mass scale. This one program in itself is potent enough to take care of Global warming, oxygen depletion but most importantly it will restore our Indian tradition of conserving the vegetation cover of the Earth.

To take care of our environment, working towards the conservation of the environment, is a part of our social responsibility that we are trying to execute in our limited capacities. It is like the effort made by Squirrel in building of Raamsetu.

Come and join hands in this moral and gallant task and fulfil your duty towards the Mother Nature and the society that you are a part of.