Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot- expert and experienced quality forged crankshafts manufacturers which use normally in any marine or car or any diesel engine or automotive vehicle engine assembly (alternator, cam shaft, cylinder block, connecting rod bearing,  pully, head, flywheel,etc.). Crankshaft performance is depends on processing of production and style of forging and machining and tuning with connecting rods.

Crank shaft called Vilebrequin in French and cigüeñal in Spanish. Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd. exporters and suppliers of "cigüeñal forjado" or "Vilebrequin Forgé" from India.

we are manufacturers and forgings suppliers of critical hydraulic parts of off road commercial vehicle forgings i.e. Precision Forged Crankshafts and Stub Axles